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Chuck Pennacchio for U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania

Folks, if you haven't had a chance to hear Chuck Pennacchio speak, you absolutely should try to make it to one of his appearances. The man is inspiring, positively amazing.

If you don't know this name, you should. This is the Democrat who is going to defeat Rick Santorum in the Pennsylvania race for Senate this year. This is the candidate who had the courage yesterday to stand up in front of an audience and call Bush a criminal.

Here is a candidate who isn't afraid to tell people what he stands for. Here is a candidate who answers tough questions head on, with no waffling, no hedging, no dodging and no changing the subject. Here is a candidate who knows what the issues are, knows what the problems are, and has well-thought-out answers for them. You can read his positions, in detail, on his website at

After you read Chuck's position statements, visit Bob Casey's website and read his pitiful excuse for positions. Casey is trying to run a stealth campaign. He doesn't WANT Democrats to know where he stands, because his stands are virtually the same as Santorum's.

They say that Casey is such a bad speaker that every time he opens his mouth, he loses votes.

Not so for Pennacchio. This man has his audiences jumping out of their seats ready to do battle for him. Not just for him... for us. For the people. For democracy.

Casey supported the nomination of Alito. I mean, damn. This guy makes Zell Miller look like a liberal.

No matter where you live, it matters to you who wins the Senate race in Pennsylvania. A Zogby poll done about a month ago showed that Pennacchio did best of the Democratic candidates against Santorum when people were told where the candidates stand on the issues, and Casey did the worst. Past elections have shown that an anti-choice candidate like Casey cannot beat a Republican in Pennsylvania. And Casey's lead over Santorum has been steadily shrinking as more and more people become disillusioned with him.

So check out Chuck Pennacchio - Pennsylvania's next Senator.
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